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Your Own Experienced, Professional Chief Financial Officer – without the 6-Figure Salary or Any of the Headaches! How Refreshing...!

More Effective Leadership

With the ArBush and our unique ‘Your Own Chief Financial Officer’ program and team on board: you, as CEO, President or Director will benefit from far better information and data on which to base your important decisions. No more wondering what the next strategic move should be – finally will have a trusted and skilled advisor to assist you in making those decisions. This sage move will of course free up your valuable time so you can better focus on properly growing your business.

Quality vs. Quantity

No doubt your company benefits tremendously from financial management and oversight that is experienced, skilled, insightful, and truly able to see the big picture. Of course if you do a modicum of research into the financial industry, you’ll discover that level of talent can be quite expensive. However it’s doubtful you need access to that kind of talent each day. By deploying the ArBush ‘Your Own CFO’ team you have the quality talent your company needs at a fraction of the cost.

Trust & Candor

Hiring the ArBush‘Your Own Chief Financial Officer’ program means that this key role in your company is being focused on with no hidden or competing agenda. As ‘Your Own CFO’ we are not guarded in our comments and you’l discover we tell it like it is every time. You are getting it straight from professional CFO consultants who primary objective is advise and counsel based upon an intimate understanding of your company and your needs. Most clients find this quite refreshing.

Simplicity & Convenience

Hiring the ArBush’Your Own Chief Financial Officer’ team means streamlining every aspect of your company – including our engagement: besides, who needs another full time employee? Putting the ArBush ‘Your Own CFO’ team on-board means no W-2 salary, no health insurance, no payroll taxes, no fringe benefits, and no employee hassles and we never call in sick. And it means no long-term contract; our relationship lasts only as long as it makes sense for your company and your needs.

Sounding Board

Owners of small to medium companies are very familiar with the concept that its lonely at the top. Frequently you have no one with whom you can discuss strategies and issues. How to handle that problem customer, supplier, employee, or banker? Which way do you go regarding a key decision that could determine the future of your business? Like a “virtual” partner,ArBush ‘Your Own Strategic CFO’ team has a wealth of experience and business insight any company owner can tap into.

Peace of Mind

Ever experience sleepless nights and even some waking hours wondering if: your financial reporting is accurate; your financial staff is doing what they should; their analysis is giving you the best perspective on your operations or are they possibly missing anything? Deploying the ArBush ‘Your Own CFO’ team means you restful sleep at night and comfort throughout your days – knowing your company’s financial functions are well managed and providing you the vital information you need.

The ArBush Advantage

From our Experienced Team

  • Valuations
  • Merger / Acquistion
  • Business Plans
  • Litigation Support
  • Capital Search
  • Succession Planning

Five Easy Steps to Attain Peace of Mind with Your Financial Business Affairs

– Be sure to Grab Your Free Special Report entitled: “The 10 Common Financial Mistakes made by Most
Businesses – with and without their own CFO”

Although it’s unlikely but perhaps you’re not making any of these common mistakes. Statically speaking most all Business owners and Entrepreneurs make a least a few to several.

Regardless of your situation or circumstance you will benefit tremendously from reading this Free
Special Report. Oh and by the way, we don’t like spam either so you can rest assured we will NOT share our email or name with anyone. Ever.

– Complete the brief Free ‘CFO Needs Questionnaire’ to determine which level of our beneficial program works best for you and your company. Most clients tell us it only takes them only a few minutes to complete.

The other Huge advantage is the nature of the questions on the form will reveal quite a lot about you, your approach to your Financial security and company scalable goals and the relationship you have with your business

– Once we receive your ‘CFO Needs Questionnaire’ we will be in contact to schedule a Free Consultation. Please note; this is a $325.00 value yet there is no cost and no obligation for you.

During this Consultation your Business Financial Analysts will cover what was learned from your answers on the Questionnaire, explain how best to handle any challenges and offer recommendations. You are also free to ask any additional questions you may have of us.

Most client report have tremendous breakthroughs just from the initial consolation alone.

– Joining Arbush Financial Business Consultants affords you massive benefits including our Virtual CFO services and access to the entire library of knowledge from our years of experience and expertise. Plus being an important part of this dynamic group will afford you the opportunity to save on financial related services.

But more than that – as a member will allow you to engage with like-minded Business Owners and Entrepreneurs like yourself who all the common goal of business growth through financial security and more time for family and friends.

– By engaging further with Arbush Financial Business Consultants you will not only watch your business grow like never before but you will also find you have more time to do those things you’ve always wanted to do.

Our clients learn BEST PRACTICES which include specific policies and procedures regarding Financial safety, security and company growth strategies. You can select whatever level of engagement you choose. From an entry level where we show you what to do and how and you deploy the strategies yourself to the more advance level where we do it all for you – and everything in between.


Type and Style of Client We Service

Emerging Businesses

Prompting Success
Business Financial Consultants, Inc. has been on the ground floor with many start up businesses and the entrepreneurs behind these ventures.

Corporate Finance

Planning & Implementation
Our mission is to provide professional and expert corporate finance services to closely held businesses and their owners.

Business & Individual Taxation

Ease Burden of Compliance
We work with Business Owners, Executives, Bankers, Attorneys, Doctors and our mission is to assist clients in paying the legal minimum amount of tax provided by law


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